Urgent Fundraising Appeal - 50007!

The Class 50 Alliance (C50A) has completed the acquisition of diesel electric locomotive 50007 Hercules, from Neil Boden, for mainline contract work.

“The purchase has only been possible thanks to the tremendous generosity of Phil Swallow and a small number of our existing shareholders, who have kindly provided the finance necessary to secure 50007. The C50A has to repay this loan over the next two years, and we’re now embarking on a major fund raising campaign to encourage shareholders old and new to become part-owners in not only Hercules, but the rest of the fleet. 

“We mustn’t underestimate the scale of the fund raising task ahead, and I urge anyone with an interest in Class 50s to consider making an investment, however large or small. Only with the support of our members, can we continue to keep the Class 50s in action, and secure the future of our fleet,” he added.

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Following a lengthy spell out of traffic with a damaged ETH generator, Hood is once again fighting fit and available for traffic. The loco was a static exhibit at the SVR Diesel Gala this year, as there was not enough time to recommission it before the event. Since returning to the SVR a number of minor faults have been found and attended to.

The extent of bodywork on 50031 is evident in this photo from RVEL. Photo: Steve Tripp


50031 Hood:

After its withdrawal from traffic last year with a suspected Auxiliary Generator fault, Hood was moved to Eastleigh for investigation. This confirmed that the ETH and Aux generators would need to be removed and repaired or replaced before the loco could re-enter traffic.  With the loco being in desperate need of extensive bodywork and a repaint, a start was made on cutting out the rust and new roof doors were ordered.  Subsequently, we received a very favourable quote from RVEL in Derby to carry out the bodywork and paint, and the loco moved there in June. It is likely that the generators will also be replaced at RVEL before the loco returns to Kidderminster later this year.

The Class 50 Alliance (C50A) has completed the acquisition of diesel electric locomotive 50007 Hercules, from Neil Boden, for mainline contract work.

The locomotive, currently based at Washwood Heath, Birmingham, will soon join the C50A’s fleet and was selected due to its overall condition and suitability for future mainline work. Commenting on the purchase, Jonathan Dunster, Chairman of the C50A said: “We are delighted to add 50007 to our fleet and look forward to beginning our next chapter of mainline operation in the coming months”.