Following a lengthy spell out of traffic with a damaged ETH generator, Hood is once again fighting fit and available for traffic. The loco was a static exhibit at the SVR Diesel Gala this year, as there was not enough time to recommission it before the event. Since returning to the SVR a number of minor faults have been found and attended to.

The extent of bodywork on 50031 is evident in this photo from RVEL. Photo: Steve Tripp


50035 and D1062 at Bridgnorth. 16th Sep 2016 Photo: Jon Dunster


Ark Royal has continued to be a stalwart of the fleet this year, and has performed well with only fairly minor faults to report. The failure of a fuel pipe seal at the Swanage gala was rectified that evening and the loco was back in traffic the following day.


The list of jobs to do on Exeter grows ever shorter, with a small team tackling jobs on it when they can. The piles of bits in and around the loco are getting noticeably smaller too, so that can only be a good thing! The main things outstanding before a start can be attempted are: Align the generators, pressure test the coolant system, set the fuel pump cams, fit the over speed handle and compression plug lock washers. After that, we press the big black button and then things start to get really interesting!

Did we forget to mention we painted '44 too? Photo: Tony Middleton

50049 departing Highley with a footplate experience. 5th June 2016. Photo: Ian Murray


Back in service after a number of years. During that time it has had a top end engine rebuild, overhauled ETH and Auxiliary generators, and eventually an overhauled Main generator after the old one was found to be giving very poor readings. Since then, work has concentrated on reassembling the loco, pressure testing the coolant system, and then fault finding after the loco was started. An awful lot of other work has also been undertaken whilst Defiance was out of traffic including renewal of corroded air pipes, replacement of cab floors, and other small jobs that should see the loco good for a few years in traffic now.


And finally…. 50007


Well since we haven’t actually done any maintenance on it yet, anything I write here would be a bit of a stab in the dark. By the time you read this the loco should be having the power unit removed in order to overhaul all three generators. There will no doubt be other work arising, which will be tackled as it comes up. 

50007 passing through Sutton Park with a Crewe - Washwood Heath working. Photo: Dave Redbourne