Big news! The home of our fleet for many years, the SVR have announced a 50th Anniversary Class 50 Gala for 2018. The event will run from October 4th to 6th, and will feature both the home fleet of 50's and a number of visiting locos. The aim is to have no less than 10 working class members at the event, so be sure to put it in your diary early. 

See you there! 

The Class 50 Alliance (C50A) has completed the acquisition of diesel electric locomotive 50007 Hercules, from Neil Boden, for mainline contract work.

“The purchase has only been possible thanks to the tremendous generosity of Phil Swallow and a small number of our existing shareholders, who have kindly provided the finance necessary to secure 50007. The C50A has to repay this loan over the next two years, and we’re now embarking on a major fund raising campaign to encourage shareholders old and new to become part-owners in not only Hercules, but the rest of the fleet. 

“We mustn’t underestimate the scale of the fund raising task ahead, and I urge anyone with an interest in Class 50s to consider making an investment, however large or small. Only with the support of our members, can we continue to keep the Class 50s in action, and secure the future of our fleet,” he added.

Have you considered setting up a Standing Order with us? Even a few pounds a month is invaluable to us for the maintenance of our locomotives. Click here to download an SO form:
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We were honoured to be invited to take several locomotives to the recent Old Oak 111 Open Day, laid on by GWR. The convoy was worked from Kidderminster by 50049 and 50007, and included 50035, 50044 and D1015. (Photo by Ade Holman)

Those that attended the event were met with the incredible lineup of 50007, 50017, 50026, 50044, 50049 and 50050 together, with 50035 also lined up separately as part of a 'Legends of the GWR' display. (Photo by Dave Redbourne)


Our volunteer co-ordinator Steve Tripp will be taking part in the Stafford Half Marathon on 19th March to raise money for the Fund. Steve has entered several similar events previously, and would be very glad of your support.

If you would like to contribute to Steve's fund raiser, please click the Donate button. 




If you follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, you'll be aware that the generators out of 50007 were in a poor state when removed at Kidderminster. Following a trip to Bowers they are all now freshly overhauled, and waiting to be delivered back to Kidderminster for refitting in the loco. 

I know we sound like a stuck record sometimes, but this work really does not come cheap. Do please consider making a donation or buying a share or two if you can. As you can see from these pictures, we do spend it wisely!

All photos courtesy of Tony Middleton.

What a difference a few weeks makes. When I get a moment I will add some of the 'before' pictures so you can see just how much work has gone into this. 
 All this looks rather cleaner than when they were first removed from the loco. Exhibit A:  
The banding on this generator can be seen to have very visible damage. Make no mistake. This was a very large, very expensive bang waiting to happen. To all those folks that thought we were nuts to buy the loco and then pull it apart, now you see why!